Who We Are

Based in San Diego, California, EP Analytics was founded by leading researchers in the performance analysis, modeling and characterization of high performance computing (HPC) systems.

“Maximizing the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of existing systems based on specific application characteristics.”

The company assists clients in the government and private sector in designing and procuring mission-critical HPC systems and maximizing the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of existing systems based on specific application characteristics. With the increasing reliance on modeling & simulation, virtual prototyping, and computer-aided engineering across numerous market segments, EP Analytics' expertise and tools can assist enterprises in maximizing the return-on-investment in HPC systems. The company's team has expertise in x86, Power, and ARM processor architectures, parallel computing, program inspection and analysis, hardware-software co-design, performance characterization, and other areas. Current government clients include the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.

Laura Carrington, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Vice President of Research

Dr. Carrington is an expert in High Performance Computing with over 50 publications in HPC benchmarking, workload analysis, application performance analysis and optimization, analysis of accelerators (i.e. FPGAs and GPUs) for scientific workloads, tools in performance analysis (i.e. processor and network simulators), and energy-efficient computing. She has presented at numerous invited talks, is a member of various panels and committees, and has been a member of the DoD HPCMP Performance team involved in their annual HPC system procurement for over 10 years.

Ananta Tiwari, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research Operations

Ananta is an expert in performance, power and energy modeling and in model- and empirically-driven application tuning and optimization. His research interests include developing analytical and statistical models for the energy consumption of large-scale data-intensive applications and utilizing those models as the basis for developing application- and energy-aware auto-tuning techniques for HPC applications.

Allyson Cauble-Chantrenne

Senior Software Engineer

Allyson has been with EP Analytics since she graduated in 2014 with her M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. She is particularly interested developing performance analysis tools for High Performance Computing.

Sarom Leang, Ph.D.

Software Engineer/Computational Scientist

Sarom obtained his Ph.D. from Iowa State University, under Mark S. Gordon, where his studies focused on the development and application of the highly-scalable General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure Systems (GAMESS) quantum chemistry code. He completed his post-doctoral studies at Iowa State University analyzing the performance of compute-intensive kernels in GAMESS on emerging energy-efficient computational architectures (i.e. GPGPU, MIC and ARM). In 2014, Sarom joined the Ames Laboratory staff as an assistant scientist and later became the development lead for GAMESS. As development lead, he introduced the use of container technology to drive the automation of code building, testing and validation. At EP Analytics, Sarom provides a unique “end user” perspective and continues his passion of assisting domain scientists in adapting new software technologies into existing scientific development to enhance productivity and output.

Michael Pearce

Software Engineer

Michael graduated in the spring of 2017 with a Bachelors in Software Engineering from Auburn University. Having interned several summers at Oak Ridge National Lab, he has been in an HPC environment for a few years, although he has not yet worked on HPC applications directly. He is excited to join EP Analytics as a software engineer to learn more about performance analysis and optimization both in general and as it relates specifically to HPC applications.

Elizabeth Woodfruff

Software Engineer

In June 2018, Elizabeth received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon. She double majored in Computer and Information Sciences and English. Previous internships at Palo Alto Software and Vsolvit gave Elizabeth some professional software engineering experience; previous coursework in parallel computing fostered a passion for exploring the HPC world. Although most of her experience with the subject stems from developing programs that exploit thread-level parallelism, at EP Analytics, Elizabeth is expanding her skillset in order to work on performance analysis tools for more heavyweight and diverse HPC applications.

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